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Our agents spend productive time with their clients focusing on their specific needs. Our technology allows our agents to operate remotely so they can spend their valuable time building client relationships and showing homes.

Maximum earning potential
You'll earn up to 100% commission on leads.
Free leads everyday
You'll never have to spend money and time on marketing. This gives you more time to focus on closing deals.
Free marketing materials
Business cards, brochures, for sale signs and more are all provided at no expense to you.
No desk fees or franchise fees
Unliked traditional brokerages Yes Realty does not charge its agents desk fees or franchise fees.
Personalized one-on-one training
We succeed when you succeed. Our experienced staff coaches agents through phone calls, offer strategies and anything else they require to flourish.
Free AI based CRM with KvCore
Manage leads using the KvCore Customer Relationship Management Process. Its Mobile App is fully integrated with all web activities of your clients.

What Agents Are Saying


No more struggles with desk fees and endless marketing hours. With Yes Realty’s technology, the clients come to me, and I can choose the hours I work so that I have time that I spend with my family. I am happy I joined Yes Realty.


I am always out, making money, but I know when I have a question or need support, my staff members are always there to respond. I never feel alone, I get to share a network of professionals when I need it. I would definitely recommend Yes Realty, it’s a great organization to be part of.


Yes Realty’s CRM is easy and convenient. Everything is there for you to take advantage of the hot market and clients that are there waiting for your services. With no desk fees, and no marketing requirements it’s the most flexible way to achieve ultimate success. I would recommend Yes Realty to agents that want to succeed.


Yes Realty gives me the freedom from content creation and marketing so that I can focus on following up with my clients and make more trades. They give me free leads, to reward me more for the hard work I put in. - thank you Yes Realty.


Yes Realty provides the technology that enables me to spend more time with my clients, and focus on their needs, rather than creating content and looking for clients. Thanks to the free leads they provide I don’t need to do cold calling or door-to-door sales. I am happy I joined Yes Realty.

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