About Yes Realty

Yes Realty Inc. started in Dec 2020 with only one goal in mind –  to help realtors by providing them quality leads and the best CRM systems.

Brampton, Ontario

Yes Realty Inc.

Gary Bhutta as a founder and owner of Yes Realty Inc. and seasoned real estate professional, I cherish the opportunity to help Home Owners, Investors, First-Time Buyers, and Real Estate Agents achieve their goals in a stress-free process. Over the past decades, I have continually demonstrated a strong passion and great dedication to exceeding my clients’ needs and desire to offer an exceptional experience. Having been a Mortgage Agent Since 2004 and Realtor Since 2006, I stand out for my remarkable ability to dispense my vast knowledge of the mortgage and real estate industry and excellent understanding of the business side of real estate transactions efficiently and clearly.

As a lifelong learner, I continually seek to expand my real estate knowledge. I hold a post-graduate in Business Management, MSCE, Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Agent, Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), and Luxury Listing Specialist (LUXE). I am also constantly learning about social media digital marketing. I draw on my educational background, vast wealth of experience in Real estate, and in-depth knowledge of the Greater Toronto market to guide, advise and educate my clients extensively, effectively empowering them to make wise and well-informed decisions.

As real estate is ever-evolving, I thrive on staying on top of the changes by digging into the latest data available on the market to ensure that I get familiarized with the market trends. This aspect has allowed me to emerge as a valuable resource for my Real Estate Agents, Realtors, and Brokers who seek reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information. With an unwavering passion for empowering people to make smart real estate decisions towards creating generational wealth, I offer Real Estate Agents, Realtors, and Brokers exhaustive market analysis to achieve excellent results in the shortest time possible. I understand what my colleagues go through; thus, I take it as my purpose to inspire, nurture and build their careers and help them succeed. I also seek to provide investors with sound investment advice to identify and exploit lucrative opportunities.

Driven by a strong passion for serving others, I pride myself on my ability to treat all my clients with respect and care, connecting easily with them, putting their needs before my own, and going over and above to offer outstanding and customized service. This aspect has given my clients confidence, peace of mind, and a comforting feeling of being genuinely cared for. I am reputable for my great work ethic, attention to detail, resourcefulness, friendly and warm personality, which has enabled me to earn my clients’ trust, build lasting professional relationships, and given me the pleasure of working with repeat and referral clients.

The one thing that makes working with me worthwhile is my relentless determination to pursue my clients’ dreams like they were my own. Contact me today for a comprehensive assessment of your Mortgage and Real Estate Needs!